Sunshine Luv Rabbitry

Lops, Lions, Luvs

Small Family Rabbitry

We are a small family rabbitry focusing on raising beautiful pedigreed English Lops, fuzzy lionheads and little luvs (mixed pet rabbits).  All our rabbits are carefully cared for, handled daily, and given space to run outside of their large hutches.  Sunshine Luv Rabbitry is located in Okeechobee, FL and is dedicated to sharing our rabbit luv with you!

For more information, please email Helen at

Pedigreed English Lops

Babies due beginning of April

Meet Supergirl!  She is a pure bred English Lop with a full pedigree.  The dad to the babies is also a full bred English Lop with a full pedigree.  These will be very special babies, indeed.

Double Maned Lionhead Mix

Babies due beginning of April

Meet Chicklet!  She is a lionhead mix and was bred to Mr. Bojangles, another lionhead mix. Both rabbits are super sweet and love to be held (once you catch them!)  

Luv Mixes

Babies born 3/10  Ready to go home April 28

Meet Roo, the dad!  Henny, the mom, is a mixed brown lop and is the best mom ever!  Both rabbits are very sweet and have great temperaments.  The babies are healthy and wiggly!  We look forward to seeing how they turn out once their fur comes in.  Babies are 8 days old here!.

Contact us at:     We are located in Okeechobee, FL